umetraehi (umetraehi) wrote in egl,

so first Lolita outfit

So I've been lurking here forever and finally have the courage to post something. I been a follower of Lolita fashion on the sidelines for a while now, but only recently bought anything towards putting together a true Lolita outfit. These are pictures of me and a Loli friend of mine after we went to see Alice in Wonderland. Hopefully there not too ita, I know there not perfect and any tips or advice you have towards making a better Lolita coord please feel free to share

  my friend Closetd0rk
here is a close up of my friends outfit

me before we went to the movie
 this was my outfit before I left to see the movie

right outside the theater we found a cherry blossom tree
Her full outfit at the theater

my full outfit at the theater


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