aisycakes (aisycakes) wrote in egl,

lolita meet-ups-general, and diy related

Hey guys, so im new here and ive never been to a lolita meet-up. a while ago i saw a bunch of lolis in the subway and thought  itd be cool. the only thing is though that ive been a bit nervous about attending. i love the lolita style, good manners, and general beautiful feminity and grace that it evokes but im not into the whole brand name thing and ive heard that some lolis can be a bit snippity when it comes to that. have people experienced this? im especially eager to hear about the NYC lolitas.

also, has anyone ever hosted a meet-up where it was mainly diy themed?if yes, how did it work out? would anyone be interested in doing that? im moving to the city and would love to have a diy themed tea party, maybe in central park,  where everyone could make crafts and share in their creativity. preferably in june when i finish the semester and have time to devote to fun, lol. any interest?

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