Pastry_Lolita (pastry_lolita) wrote in egl,

St. Judes Children Hospital Fundrraiser

Now, as you all know, St. Judes is a hospital for children (DUH!). Alot of the patients there have cancers and other incureable diseases. And like all hospitals, they need money to support all the paitents. To d oso, I'm thinking about having a fundraiser. Then why post that idea to here? You may ask. Well, here's my idea...

MAID CAFE!!!! (yes I know, maid costumes aren't lolita but.... I think you guys might be my only hope to help them!!)

Yes, a maid cafe is very popular and I was thinking that if you guys would like to volneteer your time and efforts, maybe the place could get some cash.  So...if I were to do this, would you guy be interested? It would take place most likely in Raleigh, North Carolina but you can use this idea to raise money for your own organizations.

Give me some advice on this or is you'd like to help me with it, tell me what you'd like to do. And boys are welcome to be butlers or maids as well. Ladies can be hosts or maids too!

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