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Lolita Timeline

Actually I follow this community for quite awhile but never post here anything... so this is the first one. ^^;
I like the idea of showing one's own history and it's really interesting how much somebody changed.

I knew Lolita since 2005, buying my first Bible etc, but began to wear it a year later in 2006.

The first pic was in summer, so I didn't wear a blouse or shirt, because it was really hot and I didn't know a Lolita should wear one. Also I wore the wrong shoes.
In the second I wore my first Lolita brand item, Meta socks. ^^
The third is taken by a semi-professional photograph, which explain this huge difference between this one and the others. I still like this pic. ^^

Not really better than 2006. ^^;
I didn't try much other than Gothic or Kuro Lolita because I'm most comfortable with dark colors. But I tried Punk Lolita for the first time (3th pic) and I'm still wearing this style.

In 2008 I changed my bangs back to asymmetric and I began to post on daily_lolita with the grey dress.

As you see I chose other colors than black and put more effort in sweet lolita as well. And I think I have lost my baby fat ?

So it's finally 2010 and I hope you had fun watching my journey. ^^

Every dress, skirt, corset and blouse is handmade. Except: generally the white blouse, white shirt in 2007 at Punk Lolita, chiffon blouse in 2009 last pic and black blouse in 2010 first pic.
Till now I didn't buy any bigger brand clothing like dresses, just accessoires, socks and the likes.
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