Wonderful Electric. (nasty_show) wrote in egl,
Wonderful Electric.

A Question.

Please delete if this is not allowed etc.

I'm just after a bit of help. I have just returned from Japan and when i was in Harajuku (dressed in my Lolita best) i was stopped by a Japanese lady and asked if she could take my photo for a publication. I was with my boyfriend and we had to write a message to each other on a very large pad, we were asked all sorts of questions and then they took photos of us together, on our own, with and without our messages. Now as i am stupid i never asked her what magazine it was for and i am now trying to track it down. I was just wondering if anybody on here knows of any magazines where people are stopped in the street, asked to write a message and are then photographed.

I noticed that those either dressed in Lolita or Cosplay where the only ones being stopped, which is why i have asked in this community, however if anyone knows of a community where this question would be more relevant, please let me know!

Thank you for your time.

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