Fishies G0 Pook (fishiesg0pook) wrote in egl,
Fishies G0 Pook

Frills... Beating the Heat

Alright ladies the summer is upon us. And with all the outdoor activities communities are putting together, picnics, walks, gardens and cherry blossom festivals, etc. I want to know your quick tips on keeping cool in the summer heat.

I came up with....
+ A fan, any kind, even those little motor powered ones (that would look SUPER cute deco'd haha!)
+ A parasol, or even a simple umbrella to block the sun.
+ And though the smell isn't very loli, sunblock might be nice if your pale and burn easily. (*cough*90%-of-us*cough*) And on that note please use deodorant and or a body spray. T.T

+ As few layers as possible, so a petticoat yes, but no bloomers or very light bloomers/simple shorts
+ Wear regular knee high socks instead of OTK or stockings
+ Short sleeve blouse vs. long sleeve
+ Tea party shoes instead of boots...
+ DRINK LOTS OF WATER. No matter how un-lolita a water bottle is, I recommend one.

EDIT: And I'm going to add this last one in honor of META's line, for the love of loli... choose cotton over latex. XD
Link: (near the bottom!) It took me almost an hour to hunt down this post. T.T

When I get really hot in lolita I start twirling around, jumping and dancing, it gets some good breeze/air flow going. XD
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