wingedmaya (wingedmaya) wrote in egl,

Wanted: Kidsyoyo Mermaid Princess OP pics

1st post, so please let me know if  I'm missing a resource and this is an inappropriate venue for this question, but...
I'm looking at getting this dress in gray, but it says cotton satin fabric/cotton embroidery fabric. Obviously if it's actually shiny satin fabric for either section, then a very pretty classic design veers, swerves, and heads over a cliff to ita-dom... so can anyone reassure me on this? (like, its being a lining or something?)
(and I'm sorry, yes, this is a Mary knockoff, but... if it's any consolation, I would save up for the real thing were I not about seven million times too huge for it. >.<)

Thanks in advance, all~!
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