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Reminder: Tokyo Rebel Fashion Photo Contest closes April 11!

This is your one and only reminder that the submission period for our fashion photo contest starring guest judges Misako Aoki and Akira is ending in just a few days, April 11 at 10PM EDT.  Everyone needs to get their submissions in before then!

To refresh your memory, submit your photo(s) to us and you could win $250 in store merchandise of your choice, plus become the new face of our store! Read our full rules post on our blog if you haven't already.  We've added a couple things to the FAQ at the end and made a couple minor additions to the contest itself.  To save you guys who've seen it before from reading through the whole thing again to find the new stuff, we'll just tell you the main addition here:

There will now be two runners-up per category!  Complete with runner-up prizes.  These prizes are TBD but they will obviously be much smaller than the grand prize.  But we're getting some great submissions and we really want to recognize more than just one per category, at least in some small way.  Misako and Akira will be helping us select the runners-up as well as the winners.

If you haven't looked recently, check out our photo gallery (click on the fashion photo contest album) to see the latest submissions.  They're coming in fast and furious now, so expect more every day until Monday or Tuesday (assuming it's going to take us a little while to catch up with all the last-minute entries).

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