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Dunkelsuess at Harajuku Day Cologne

This year will be at the Harajuku Day Cologne for the first time with one of our well-known sales booths!
On April the 10th you can visit us in Cologne, Germany and see what we have to offer at our booth.
We will not only bring self made accessories for all kinds of people, we will also offer clothing and accessories from big Japanese brands and Indie Labels for every budget!
We added new items to our usual stock and you still can get the last pieces of our own merchandise. (Only while stock lasts!)
We offer jewellery from Merry Me and Chocomint, clothing from Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose, basics like petticoats and socks among much much more. I can't list every brand piece we will bring with us. XD
But we also have many items from German Indie Brands, original drawings from wachiki (she'll be there herself too!) and of course we are there to chat and talk a bit and have fun. :)
Especially for this event we expanded our range of items to accommodate even more styles outside of Lolita, since it is an event for all kinds of Japanese Fashions.
And as an extra, you can buy tickets for the Jelly Beans concert in Düsseldorf on April 25 at our booth. If you can't attend Harajuku Day but want to order tickets for the concert, please mail for more information.
Don't forget to meet us if you want to apply for the fashion show we'll be organizing at Düsseldorf!
We will post more information about that event later this month, as we are still recruiting models for the show. Exact details for the performance itself are not set yet, but the show will be a part of the Jelly Beans concert. More information will follow!
I would be glad to meet some of you there! Please come by and don't be shy to talk to us!
I often read things like "I saw you there but didn't know what to say" afterwards on the net. XD Don't be shy, just tell us you read about it somewhere, we are always glad to see new faces!
I am very looking forward to meet any of you guys there! :)

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