dizizpammie (princesspammie) wrote in egl,

I actually started wearing lolita in 2005 but there aren't any pictures of these days but trust me you're not missing much :)

First dress was from Ebay

And then I heard of Fanplusfriend

I loved my first dress way to much :)

2008 was the year of buying lots of stuff and trying to find my style...

And experimenting a bit

2009 was my favorite year! I fell in love with Moitie and decided@ to wear lolita every day :)

2010 will be a strange year, I will be a lolita mom! I am almost 4 months pregnant now but I am still loving my lolita stuff!

Thanks for watching and I am looking forward to seeing more timelines! :)

Tags: lifestyle: maternity, media: photos, theme: april
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