Xen B (xeniph_b) wrote in egl,
Xen B

A Little Help?

Hi, lovelies! Sorry if this seems a little disjointed, I'm trying to dash this off quickly before I leave.

I found myself in need of a new set of pjs. I got this pattern off of ebay and am making this set:

I have some fabric left over and wanted to make something cute for my head...The picture I had in my imagination was something like a mob cap. But I don't know if that would look good. So do any of you have recommendations for nighttime hair things? I'm making it out of this pinkxgreen polka-dot fabric:

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Also (this might be more suited to the sales comm, but we'll try here first) I seem to remember seeing SOMEWHERE a pair of socks what were white with pinkxgreen polka dots or something. I can't remember the brand, or if they were offbrand. I've looked on all the brand sites and searched the sales comm, but the closest I could find was an advertisement for a taobao socks preorder with no pictures. Does anyone remember a pair of pinkxgreen socks (and preferably where I can get them), or am I just going crazy?

EDIT: Here's what my mind thinks it remembers about the socks. I don't remember if the dots were in a line or staggered (gah), but I do remember they were relatively large and had some sort of initial in some of them, I think. I put APs in there just because it came into my head first, but it could have been just about any brand. Sorry for my vagueness! XD

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