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Bandwagon: Timeline

I love this theme. I have literally read through all of the timelines posted so far, and I will continue looking at them, because it's so great to see that all of us started somewhere, and even lolitas who seem flawless and whom I strive to be like may have started out a bit ita-ish. =^_^=;;; I don't feel so silly now, since we're all sharing our embarrassing photos as well as cute ones. Soooo without further ado...

My love of loli started at some point during my sophomore year of college. To be honest, I don't even know where I found out about it, but it likely had something to do with BJDs. And as some of you who are into both BJDs and lolita know, many BJD people don't know squat about lolita. XD I knew my stuff where dolls were concerned, but any accidentally gleaned information about lolita was...half-cocked at best. XD

The first outfit I can remember vaguely calling lolita. I can't...I don't even...=-_-= I think at the time I assumed headdress=lolita. I don't even know. My black hair was cool, though. =;_;=

I got that doll dress from Hot Topic that showed up at every anime convention that summer trying to pass as lolita... Yeah, I admit, I did it, too. =-_-= I made a half-decent headdress to go with it, though, so win? I'm wearing red/black striped OTKs... I think I looked more like Bride of Chuckie.

Karaoke! There aren't any better pictures of this outfit (happily). That was my first "real" lolita dress, and I still own it. Later you'll see a more recent (and more successful) coord using it. XD It's from ebay (!), a store called The Silver Dynasty. I lucked out and got a really great quality dress, for serious. I own two of their dresses, and I plan to write up a review of them soon. :D Anyway, back to the pic. The dress came with elastic sleeves, and I don't know, I guess I thought I had to wear them, even though they make the dress look serrrriiiiouusssslllly ita. It looks fine without them, though, as you'll see later. Also WTF NO SOCKS.

My college holds a mini anime convention every year, hosted by the Japan Club. My second ever JSK, from Momo's Handicrafts, with a handmade bow and silly, silly hair. Queen Amidala. Trust me, you don't even want to see the shoes. Hey, look, my choker is off-center!

Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri that year. Silver Dynastry OP WITHOUT the weird sleeves. Also, handmade bow and black Demonia Mary Janes. Hey, let's wear a sweet pink dress and a goofy bow and then have shoes with a chain made out of handcuffs. That totally makes sense. =>_>= Also, that's not even my doll. XD But she was dressed better than me, wut.

My charity group's annual ball that year. The Momo's JSK sans blouse again... At least my hair was not ridiculous, though it is rather plain. Return of the handcuff shoes and bland white knee socks. Gotta love my :DDDDDDDDDD expression, though.

This year, I really started to experiment and actually wear lolita (or something like that) on a regular basis rather than just when there was a special occasion.

I think this came next. I did ok with the blouse and handmade skirt, but you can't really see them because I was wearing my ghetto double-sweatshirt-as-coat dealy. And that bright-ass umbrella is not meant to be a parasol -- it was actually raining that day. XD My socks are half-decent, and you can't see them, but I was wearing American Eagle ballet flats in pink, which actually look very cute with lolita. So yay for improvement? :D

Charity Ball that year. This is basically the exact same outfit? LOL Minus the ridic rainy day stuff of course. That blouse was a little eh. And I loved that ITS choker. Also derpy face is something that I still, to this day, am unable to fix.

Sakura Matsuri:
I think this one was a pass? XD I like this picture, actually. This is the second dress I bought from The Silver Dynasty, and I adoooore it. <3 I made that awful bow. It doesn't look bad in pictures, but up's kind of terrible. XD

I had to include this picture because it has one of my all-time favorite "I used to do that and now feel shame to my very core" moves... Black leggings with socks overtop!!! :D:D:D:D:D This dress is so cute, but the quality is terrible. It's from some ebay store that is not my beloved Silver Dynasty or the half-decent Momo's. *shrug* I liked the colors. Also, return of me making mini-hats to go with everything, yaaaaaayy.

Bonus Kodona pic. :D I wore this in a drag show. lol

Spring Bash, a dance that is put on by the student government every year. I made a mini-hat and basically wore it with everything that was black. I liked it, though, even though there is mini-hat hate these days. :\ I also think ankle-socks are fine in the right weather, but these babies were from a Halloween store, so that's kind of fail. :\

Senior Week. I enlisted one of my friends to somewhat dandy with me while we went to Atlantic City. XD Corset skirt from Lady Elizabeth, handmade headbow which I actually like. And I discovered that I can wear pink shoes even with outfits that aren't pink! :O

AnimeNEXT. It's...the...same outfit only a summer version. Wow, I really loved that outfit, huh? Totally didn't even realize it until now. I wore this to the loli meetup that day.

I made a JSK. It was my first time. I am not a srs seamstress. LOL Why am I so horrible at posing???

Still AnimeNEXT. Another homemade skirt. Not too bad, I guess. Say what you want about wristcuffs, but I think they look ok here. If only my pose wasn't so stupid! And don't mind my partner in crime. She is still learning, as am I. XD

This was sometime during the summer that year. I was starting to sew my own halfassed skirts and matching bows and such. XD Also, I invested in some hairfalls. BEST THING EVER. Summer 2009, Chrissy finally figures out hair. xD

After I graduated college was when I really started to buy/make more things and more decent things and get my act together, so from here on out are more recent pictures from late 2009, early to recent 2010, things I'd like to consider successes XD.

Silver Dynasty dress worn successfully. :D Also, those Meta socks were my first brand item not counting Bodyline!
Whole outfit
The set with detail pictures:

Return of derpface. Handmade skirt and headdress with Bodyline stuff.

Not my favorite coord, but I love my handmade mint cupcake skirt. :O This is me failing at decololi, which I consider my next step toward total OTT-loliness.
Full body

My preeecccciiiouuuus first brand dress, a scarlet Angelic Pretty JSK. <3 I loved this coord.

Second brand dress, a BTSSB JSK. :D

Bodyline skirt/top, Hot Topic shoes for $6 XD, and my infamous Meta socks that srsly went with everything (before I accidentally turned them pink in the wash =;_;=). Also F+F bow, yay. I bought one in every color I own, and navy blue (???).

Return of the hairfalls. :D AP replica skirt and all kinds of Bodyline.

Crappy phone picture of a fun crossover I did. I work, and on my days off I like to wear lolita, but on this particular day off, I was going to be seeing Percy Jackson and the Olympians, so I was torn between wearing my Percy shirt and lolita... So I combined them. XDDD This was for the lulz and is no way considered to be SRS LOLITA GUIZ, so please don't throw things at me. :D

From my cold/rainy/windy trip to Washington, DC. XD

Most recent oufit!!
I wore this yesterday. :D
BTSSB bunny hoodie/bolero thing
Handmade white skirt
Angelic Pretty OTKs
Bodyline heartbuckle shoes
F+F white bow again
Silly looking pigtails that needed a flat-iron, all me, baby.

XD I hope you've enjoyed my journey. I sure have!

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