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Art Post! Mint Flower Child♥

Ever heard of Tegaki-E? Yeah, that is what this was done on. One layer only, good lord. e___e
I've put it through Photoshop so it is more see-able, but I think I may crop it down and submit it for the May banner.
Clicking the link above the photo will send you to my Tegaki page containing this drawing in its original un-darkened state with an extra comment panel showing the legs/socks.

Time Taken; 2 days
Process; Wacom Tablet + Tegaki-E = Art Baby
Inspiration; Mint, Pink, and White + Springy+ "Let's try and do something that actually looks good!"

I'm doing a series of this same "model" with similar dresses in different colorways featuring pink, white, and mint. I may post more as they are completed.

ConCrit is so welcome! And if you have tips on hands, yeah....I need them.
Tags: media: art
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