Shin (shincaru) wrote in egl,

Cyperous Wigs update

Cyperous's English website might be a little wonky right now, but their Japanese end is updated and some veeeery interesting new updates (albeit all in Japanese).

1. You can now custom-order colours and wigs from them! That includes duo-colouring, styling, volumnizing, whatever! Prices are of course steeper than usual but considering the mess of options they're giving you, if you're a stickler for perfection/quality and money isn't an issue, this may be a fantastic option for you. It does seem a little visual-kei/cosplay-leaning, but I'm sure you guys can think of the perfect OTT pink/mint duocolour wig or blue/black Moitiesque weave. :D

Unfortunately it does take up to 2 months to make, and I can't confirm if this will be available for international ordering anytime soon, but it's something to mull over!

2. This one has more practical interest: WIG-STYLING TUTORIALS!

Some gorgeous hime/gyaru-themed hair there (and one very elegant, natural-kei type), but I know a lot of you love OTT cottoncandy fright wigs (I KNOW I DO), and they give the absolute perfect tutorial there for it (using only one wig!). The pics are 80% self-explanatory, but even if you're not into styling, frankly the pictures they have here are probably the best solid evidence (and advertisement) at how high of a quality Cyperus wigs are - the sheer amount of fiber without added extensions is dizzying. The page also includes regular tips on reforming partings on wigs, how to backcomb, and the magic of extensions. :O

Now if only their clip-in fringes didn't cost as much as the wigs themselves ...
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs
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