Sarah Ruth (mint_cake) wrote in egl,
Sarah Ruth

Timeline of a lolita geezer, 2002-2010 :D

Just had to join in on the time line theme! I think my style has come a long way since those first few years.....

2002- This is when I first discovered loli and BRANDO on vacation in Japan. I didn't have any loli things yet except for a mini hat, and one GLB. :D These are literally the first lolitas I had ever seen in my life!

2003- My first BTSSB and one of my first lolita attemps...SOOO embarrassing. I really did suck at first... ;0

2004- One of my handmade outfits, then in a btssb cardigan and handmade skirt. I sewed almost all of my own loli clohting at first. Still wasn't quite clear on the concept of lolita I think.

2005- By this time I think I had a very sweet loli style, and a better grasp on how to put together a lolita outfit that worked. My style was all about pink! ^_^

2006- My wardrobe was much more ample, and now I had friends in the fashion to compare notes with and learn from. Little things like hair and makeup became much more important to my lolita look. AP becomes my new favorite brand around this time and I start to attend a lot more lolita functions! :D

2007- I am totally  devoted to lolita by now. Doing things like working with the non profit Cosplay Oneesan for a PMX event, and modeling for AP at PMX.

- I wear lolita more and more now, and feel way more confident in my sweet lolita style. Still working with Cosplay Oneesan but this time for Yumemiru Musical Paradise, a special stand alone event in LA.

2009- After so many years in sweet style, I wanted to transition into colors that were a bit darker, and fade out the pink now that I am getting older. I also tried the aristocratic look for the first time. Sewing my own clothing again became important to me, as well as working on my own brand and designs. ^_^


2010- Now my style is much more about comfort. I'm transtitioning out of sweet and into classic lolita, which I think will work better in my every day life, and with a baby on the way.

Thanks for looking! ^_____^
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