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Timeline? First ever lolita attempt....

The tiniest timeline here.. Only one picture, but everyone's got to start somewhere?
Hello everyone!
I've been lurking around these pages for about two weeks, searching frantically for tutorials on how to make skirts. Gladly, I was successful, finding a wonderful underskirt and over-bustle skirt tutorial. Much thanks for them!
Now.. I have been following (very loosely) lolita fashion for about 2 years, a bit less perhaps. I've always been extremely interested in it, however my mom thinks it's somewhat a joke, and doesn't take it well.
I decided to take on a little..challenge of sorts, over spring break. I'd make a lolita outfit? I'd never actually sewn clothes before, so I was unsure how that'd work out, and my money is certainly not bountiful. Anyway~ I wore the outfit today, so I decided to take some pictures, and.. since the theme is lolita timelines, I guess I will be starting mine right here and now!
Pleased to meet anyone and everyone.

My outfit (oh my.. I know just by looking at true lolitas and reading.. there are many things (everything?) afoot that are (is) incorrect! Pardon..) :
Over and underskirt: both made by me
Blouse: Good Will (Oh goodness, it's see-through T_T)
Bow: made by me (Bad lace... Ahh..)
Bloomers: (unseen, but made by me..they also have bad lace..)
"Petticoat" : Made by me, it's not very good.. at all..
Shoes: They are black... Eh.. I don't own light shoes...
Socks: Some random knee-highs (I wish they were OTK)
It was supposed to be sweet lolita~ I didn't end up using any pink as I had intended, so it's just all blue and white~ I'm not sure it's so sweet =P


Back: (It's pretty crooked.. Didn't line it up right when I tied the bow.. woops~)

Thanks everyone! I'd love to hear critique, all the wrong things, possibly.. anything right =P , and evolve (if my mother possibly allows me to.. I will definitely not be buying anything online for a LONG time..)
So long for now.
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