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Scammer Alert

Potentially Resolved

 I had made an initial post about this a couple of months ago but now I would like to confirm that Anatego Shop is a scam.

I truly believe there was a point in time when this was a reputable business but sadly that is no longer the case.

If you look on the website you will see that it was last updated fall of last year, which was after I made my order.
I purchased a single necklace and paid the invoice promptly. After that no communication was made but I wasn't worried because the site says orders take several weeks.

Several months later I emailed the shop owner and received no answer about my order. In fact three emails have been sent to the website address and one email to her pupe account.

She has officially run off with my money. I have not collected the emails and invoices because they were made with my old email/paypal address but if for some reason it is necessary for me to do so I would be more than happy to.

I have since received contact from Anatego via LJ and hopefully this issue can be resolved and my problem was just an isolated incident.  If I do receive my item I will write a new post to let everyone know that things have cleared. It seems that others have ordered from her recently and received their items just fine.

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