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Research : Anthropology of Lolita in Japan

I'm looking for some assistance with my social anthropology paper, and am seeking help from lolitas living in Japan, or lolitas that lived in japan for at least a year.

I'm working on a paper that discusses the life and habits of a Japanese lolita. Specifically, I'm looking for things such as 'customs' or 'traditions' of a lolita both on her own and when interacting with other lolitas. Obviously since there's nothing set in stone about what a lolita 'should' and 'shouldnt' do, these will probably differ from person to person. For example, I know it was/possibly still is a custom/tradition to go to the bridge on the weekend (although I hear this is dying now?); things like that.

On your Own

Q1: What days of the week do you dress in lolita most? Why?

Q2: When you are dressed in lolita, are there activities that you frequently do on your own?

Q3: Describe a typical day in lolita when you are on your own

With Others

Q4: How frequently do you meet with other lolitas?

Q5: When you meet with other lolitas, are there activities that you frequently do as a group? Do these differ from what you frequently do on your own?

Q6: describe a typical day in lolita when you are with a group

Observation ( you can answer these whether or not you partake in these activities or not, these are just questions about things you may have noticed )

Q7: What would you consider to be a lolita 'tradition' in Japan?

Q8: What differences do you notice between those in lolita and those not in lolita, separate from the clothing? Are there differences in speech/mannerisms/ect?

Q9: Are there any specific 'Japanese lolita' habits or characteristics that differ from those in North America? (if you are not from north america, please just let me know where you're from!)

If there are any other details that you think would be interesting/important to add to a paper on the life of Japanese lolitas, please let me know!


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