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Mothly Theme: Time Line - RORI 4 LYFE

Well, I suppose that IS loli, but not the right kind...

Feel free to click on any of these pics to see the bigger (read: more horrifying) version!!

In the beginning, there was ita D: I got into lolita fashion through anime/jrock (I think?) so that explains the black lipstick and general lameness XD

Was still dressing up using my altered department store black dress and random blouses. Yes, I owned those silly cat shoes lol XD Went to Tokyo for the first time and saw the brand stores, didn't have enough lolita style sense to commit to buying anything.

The year in which I discovered Cosmates and got a TOTALLY LEGIT GOSURORI DRESS ;) Cleavage is rori, right? XD I stopped wearing my ghetto-rigged old clothes and mainly wore this dress... You be the judge of which is worse XD Also, returned to Japan and this time came back with a MAM JSK. Don't have pics from then though...

Very similar to the previous year, except for this monster XD I wanted over-the-top, I got over-the-top...

Only dressed up for an anime con or two, again in that same Bodyline dress XD At least I had the sense to wear tights with it then instead of OTKs...

My love for lolita fashion was rekindled and I finally owned a few pieces of resonable clothing... For more coords from then on out, see my TAG on daily_lolita

Wore lolita a little more often, though it was still too much trouble to mess with most of the time...

And finally, this was me in Tokyo a couple weeks ago, making one of the most unintentionally awful faces evar...

Overall, my wardrobe and general sense of taste has improved, but I think I still fail at coordinating. I'm not good at doing my hair all crazy and I've yet to learn how to properlly apply make-up. I don't normally wear accessories because I have a hard time matching them... Regardless, I still need lots of work :P You'd think after 7 years I'd have figured it out lol XD
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