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Timeline... 2004-2009

2004 seems like forever ago ^^; I was interested in Lolita but really preferred more aristocratic styles, though I did make a few super lame attempts at lolita.
The first one was of this dress I totally loved and thought was soooOoOOoooOOoo rori, since it had a cute poofy shape to it's skirt, and of course lace!
Second is my sad pirate lolita attempt :|
Third, my sad ero-guro-rori attempt ^^;
Fourth, I get my act together for a convention and go for a aristocrat look.

Going into 2005, still hanging onto my love of aristocrat <3
I dive into some 'punk' styles too, and still manage to fail XD
I won't lie though, I loved all my outfits then...
Entering 2006 I get more with the program~

I bought my first Baby The Stars Shine Bright dress, off EGL :) I still have it~
My style kind of goes all over the place in 2007, but I stick mostly with gothic.
Steampunk starts to become popular, and I try my hand at mixing both styles.
I also wear a predominately white outfit for the first in forever.

At the end of 2007 I start trying my hand at sewing, thanks to missmeganmaude loaning us her sewing machine.
2008 sees me actually coordinating my outfits nicely. I dive back into punk for Dragon*con and try my hand at layering skirts :D Success!
I also start sewing a lot more and trying different things (pleating instead of ruffles, first time making a vest and cap...)

Fck yeah 2009! Again all over the place in terms of style.
I start becoming more proficient at sewing, by mid-spring I've finally made a vinyl lolita outfit that I've been wanting (to go clubbing in) for quite a while~

The stripey skirt I made earlier in 2009 gets worn a lot XD I also seemed to wear red/black/cream almost exclusively.
For Halloween I decided to do a guro nurse outfit~
My favorite outfit ever though, I think is the last one here, when EGL did a Poupee Girl dress up swap, and shelbycluod picked out an outfit for me

2010... I just don't have any pics of outfits this year XD So far though I'd say all my outfit so far look much like they did last year ^__^;
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