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I need your handmade goods!

 Hi there peeps!

I am looking for a bit of help here...

I work for a pub called The Banshee Labyrinth, in Edinburgh. On Sunday the 25th of April we are holding an alternative clothing and jewellery fair.  Basically I am looking for anyone who has well made goods that they would like to sell? Dresses, accessories, anything, it is entirely up to you!


The Banshee Labyrinth is a very unique pub as it has a bizarre history. The front of the pub used to be home to a cruel lord named Nicol Edward and the back section of the pub used to be an underground street/slum used to house the poor and the homeless. It is the “street” sections of the pub that we will be using for this fair. (*The reason I mention this is because when you receive the ground plan you will see that it is a very strangely shaped venue, with a vaulted ceiling)


As The Banshee Labyrinth is a new pub and this is our first event there will be no charge for spaces. Sellers/business are required to bring along their items for sale, including any “display material” that may be required to hang goods from etc.  We do have a limited number of tables available on the premises.

If you are interested in participating please contact me and I will forward you through a ground plan* where you can choose your stall location and table size.


If you have any questions please feel free to email/PM me.



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