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Theme: Then and Now (how original) ;p

So I started to like Lolita when I was in my Junior year in High  School. I never wore anything until July of 2009 when I finally got my ass on LJ and put myself out there (almost literally) and met some lovely Lolitas in my area who graciously helped me out from square one.

I knew what was right and was wrong pretty much from the get go because I had been "studying" it for a few years, just never EVER thinking I would be able to wear it in this lifetime.

So I had to borrow a lot for my first few times, and so they were pretty decent but they weren't...well me? I mean they looked cute and were nice brand dresses, just not ones that I thought after looking back that really "suited" my personality. There was one dress I fell in love with though and I will show you it later. 

So yes I have only been "dressing Lolita" for a year, but I have "been a Lolita" for about 4 years I would say. heh. OK! ON TO MY CRAP-TASTIC TIME LINE~!!!!

This is literally the first time I ever wore "Lolita" and it was an ita like costume for Halloween in 2008 that a friend made for me. It was pretty bad, and I can't believe I ever did it...but I did. xD
This is the only picture I can find now though because I guess I got rid of all the evidence there was. BAD LACE IS BAD! >n<

Ok so these first 3 were from Metrocon 2009 and my first real Lolita meetup(I am on the far left)  The first 2 dresses are both brand, but borrowed from a good friend. ;] and then the pink skirt I am wearing was literally my first piece of Lolita clothing I called my own. I was so proud of it and I really liked it, but now that I look back I still wasn't to my own picture of what Lolita is. 

These 3 pictures were more in the actual summer and I finally got my first piece of brand clothing. I finally got a BTSB dress and I couldn't be happier! The other dress is bodyline and it is still one of my fav. dresses till this day. In most of the pictures I am still lacking most of the proper accessories, I finally got some RHS though and I was so proud of them. 

These 3 were more near the end of the year, prolly the fall. I was finally trying a more gothic look(to me at least). And more bittersweet you could say or more just sweet. In the last picture I am on the far right. 

I finally twinned with someone! And it was a lot of fun, we did an opposite one light and dark. Then I did another cord. with my bodyline JSK and I finally wore a full AP set that was borrowed from my friend, but it isn't really seen well. It is the blue Wonder Party JSK I am in the back with the long brown hair and pale blue.

These outfits are my most recent ones going from the start of 2010 till now. I finally got the poofy hair falls just like the CLOOOONES! I felt like a true Lolita after such a long time. Weird I know, but to me the first picture was my goal for the longest time. The red outfit is me trying something different and more deco sweet for valentines day. And the last picture is me and my best friend at Megacon and I finally have my very own AP FULL SET! 

So there you have it me throughout a year of wearing Lolita. Summer of 2009-Summer of 2010. Hope I keep goin strong like I am, it's just something I love so much and have made lasting relationships with. And to think, I was so afraid to be me. :]
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