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Theme: Then and Now from 2002 to 2010

Got into lolita fashion in my late 20s so yeah I wasn't a spring chicken (in a manner of speaking! Since the average lolita starter age is 17-21 now?) when I started!

Been 8 years, wowza, where did the time go??

Back in 2002, the only way you could get burando was if you flew to Japan or if you had a friend who was going there and mad enough to navigate unhelpful Tokyo street signs to source out these obscure little loli shops for you. As it was, my friends and I managed as well we could by pouring over the earliest EGL Bibles for inspiration, information and references. BtssB, Innocent World, Metamorphose were brands that we could only dream of owning then.

For me, my first lolita dress was made by a local seamstress and I still remember the look on her face when I showed her a Victorian Maiden dress, in the very first EGL Bible, that I wanted to replicate.

She said, 'girl, why you want a party dress in black velour? And what's this? You want open organza ruffles at the back?? So strange ah...' And she also didn't know what a petticoat was, lol.

Aaaaah, those were the days of scouring Spotlight for suitable cloth and laces and ribbons for all your lolita needs. My first lolita headband was constructed out of satin, ribbons, a hairband and fabric glue. I'm still rather proud of it, hurhur. You can see it in the first photo below.

Then between 2005-2006, while I still liked the fashion, I wasn't as into it anymore as when I first started out. I'm not sure why. I guess I was giving it a well-deserved break.

And I went to Tokyo in 2007 and bought some brand pieces. While I think back to my home-made or seamstress-made lolita days with fondness, I do like the convenience of ready-made garments.

Oh and during this timeline, owning brand was still considered something of 'A Big Deal', lol!

Then, after several trips to Japan and the discovery of Closet Child plus a better paying job, I re-discovered my lolita love anew.

And 2009 exploded.

My lolita style has definitely changed these 8 years, now that I see the photos. Ah, am older and rounder too, lol! I have tiny crow's feet lines when I smile now and I will never fit into Juliette et Justine's teeny teeny waistlines but it's all good =)

EIGHT YEARS! And well, I'm in my 30s already. There's always been threads popping up here and there on egl on when should one stop wearing loli. I do confess I feel rather displaced next to lolitas who are mainly in their teens and early 20s when I'm at gatherings. I keep thinking, 'OMG, they're SO young *_*', when around them!

And I wonder too, sometimes, if these younger lolitas look at ME and think, 'eeeeeeyur, she's already so old, she should stop'. And I'm not delusional enough to pretend there isn't snarkier whippersnapper lolis who do think like this when they see me, hur!

Still, I like to think that I have something they never had, I've experienced first-hand how this fashion had grown and changed throughout these 8 years. And I have had so much fun and enjoyment out of loving this fashion! And friends who started out with me liking this fashion too are still great pals and I've made new ones too.

So yeah, when will I stop wearing lolita? I honestly don't know, it probably will be a gradual thing and not abruptly all at once.

Ack, in a nutshell, I still love this fashion and wearing it so I don't want to stop, yet!

Right now, infinity and beyond!

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