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Sakura-Con Lolita Fashion Show 2010 PHOTOS!

Oh, wow. So, the fashion show turned out awesome... In spite of a few issues. I only had half of my stylists show up, they were late finding me an audio out cord so no one got a chance to practice walking to the music, the video camera we borrowed crapped out on us, we started 20 minutes late and I added some choreography on the fly. Oh, and Chris DJed the whole thing from his MP3 player because the sound setup at Sakura-Con hates our laptop.

But enough of that. On to the photos!

Chris and I, announcing the beginning of the show.

Me first! I'm wearing MissMeganMaude, she sent out three outfits for the show!

Ashlee in MissMeganMaude.

Rikki in MissMeganMaude.

Holly in Apatico, by our very own Milkypop!

Lisa in Apatico.

Rebecca in Apatico.

Lee in Apatico.

Our third designer was Ridi Kitty Designs, by Aridia Niccoluci. Here we have Ayla in Ridi Kitty.

Katie in Ridi Kitty.

Sophie in Ridi Kitty.

Kirsty in Ridi Kitty.

Our fourth designer is a Seattle native and a little newer to lolita, Zeon Kitty. Here we have Aurora in Zeon Kitty.

Talia in Zeon Kitty.

Christine in Zeon Kitty.

Kimberlee in Zeon Kitty.

That was it for our designer participants! Next, it was into general styles.

First up... Boystyle! Chris looks dashing as always.

Ally always looks awesome.

Shane seriously rocked that coat.

Yaz looks fabulous as well.

Next, it was time for sweet lolita! Ashlee was up first!

Holly was next.

Danny looked absolutely adorable.

Sophie was like a cupcake!

The next style we featured was Gothic. Davonna started us off.

Fenris is back in black.

Kimberlee brings a little color to the party.

Jenna puts the E into EGL.

Next, we did two substyles. Punk and country lolita!

Ayla is back with a punk Alice in Wonderland inspired coordinate.

Lee is kicking it with blackxwhite punk.

Rikki looks lovely in country.

Erika in country as well.

Next we did bittersweet lolita. Stacie started us off.

Followed by the lovely Lisa.

Iris shows just how dark sweet can be in this outfit.

Next up, we had a classic set. Rebecca started us off with some tartan.

Jenna showed off a print.

Kimberlee looks wonderful in a dusty rose skirt.

And I show off my favorite hat of all time!

Next we had a shiro and kuro set, with male models as well! Carolyn was our female shiro model.

James was our male shiro model.

Sherry was our matching kuro model.

And David was our male kuro model!

And finishing out the show all on her lonesome was Rune in Steampunk lolita.

The models all filed out for their bows...

And then I called out the designers to take their bows, and the show was over!

I want to thank all the models and the designers for helping me make this awesome. All of the photos can be seen on our awesome photographer's website here. They start on the very last page and go back--they were uploaded in reverse order.

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed!
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