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Timeline - 2oo7 to 2o1o!

2007 - failure newbie year.

I think this has to be one of the most amazing failure outfits in the history of ever. I picked up a ballet dress from Value Village for $2, created my own arm warmers and sewed as much lace onto the thing as I could. Also made a choker collar because HEY IT'S RORITA RIGHT? Essentially it was a huge fail. When I realized that the dress was short, I came up with the most rational plan, which was to obviously shove a massive nasty cream colored square dancing petti under the dress to add extra length, despite it not matching with the white lace on my outfit ... at all. Reasonable, yeah?

Bra straps and derpy faces brilliantly compliment this ever classy outfit. NEXT PLEASE LOL.

I then started to make my own dresses, which was awesome since random 'Corsetting' RIGHT on where your nipples should be is the pinnacle of beautiful design, right? I shouldn't be allowed to sew. LOL.

Then I figured out ebay, which technically could have been cool but failed a bit.

2008 - why-do-people-let-me-sew year

and THEN I figured out egl, which was when I started to get concrit and put together more decent outfits. This was also the "I AM AN EAGER NEW LOLITAAA" stage, so there are tons of outfits XD; half handmade, half bought. ALSO MET miyavi_382 which was the best thing lolita ever did for me ♥

2009 - MODELING? year

Last year was a really strange year for me, style wise, because I went through I NEED LOLITA ALWAYS to I don't want to do it anymore to I want only sweet! to I don't know ... LOL.

This was also the year autumn_x0 and I started to focus on photography! So there are much nicer photos now.


...aaand we can see where my style is going ... lol.

clone in the making!


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