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On the road to Oneesan Inc.'s Fantasies dans le Monde des Rêves! Issue #1.


First of all, we hope you enjoyed April Fool's Day, because we certainly did! 
New VIP Perks
All Goth VIP ticket holders will now receive a unique personalized illustration by the artist Tsubaki Torii. Example of her work can be seen on her website.

New Brands Participating in the Event

We'd like to introduce two new brands that will participate in the fashion show during Fantaisies: Sweet Rococo and Wonderland Atelier. Also, a couple of new possible programs that will occur during the event weekend are currently being under works, and will be announced soon!

Changes VIP Ticket Auctions

Here are a couple of clarifications regarding the VIP ticket auctions as well as General Ticketing:
  • Due to some problems regarding auctions on Brown Paper Tickets, we have set up separate dates for each set of bidding. The system seems a little confusing currently, but it'll start to become more clear as time goes on. For this week, VIP bidding for both Gothic and Sweet tickets can be accessed by ordering tickets under the April 14, 2010 option.  Bidding for these tickets will end on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 12 PM Noon PST. After the auction ends, your credit card will be charged on April 14th. 
  • For those wondering how to cancel their bids, instructions are covered under the event FAQ.
  • For those hoping to buy General Admission tickets, those can be bought by ordering tickets under the May 28, 2010 option.
  • We apologize for the confusing manner of buying tickets. However, this is the only option we have that will allow us to have professional ticketing, which will end up working in your favor in the long run. Please bear with us.

We also would like to inquire whether there is anybody interested in going to the event who is unable to buy tickets using credit card through Brown Paper Tickets. If enough people are encountering the problem, there is a possibility that we will implement a method of buying General Admission tickets using paypal.

We hope you guys enjoyed your easter weekend, and will look forward to seeing you at the event in May!

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