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Japonica Review

This was for the Happy Garden Reservation :D
  So i was excited about the new Happy Garden Release that i was hunting down for a shopping service, Some recommended Japonica and they are excellent.  I have a variety of emails coming back and forth between us and they reply well and usually the same day. They kept me updated and are very polite.

Communication is email based: 5/5
Shipping : 5/5 you can choose Air, Sal or EMS
Services: 5/5 very reasonable fee

Their website
Very easy to use!!


I went with the EMS shipping and it took exactly 3 days, they shipped it out on Sat 4/3rd and i received today 4/5 at 9am... I was soooooo excited that i opened the box at work (I work in a lab so i had to be careful not to knock anything over )



Inside the box

Inside the AP bag

I got the OP in lavender *w*

Close up Detail
The lace has bunnies!!

It also came with an AP Sticker and the Happy Garden Postcard

Plus a surprise, I got the AP Wonder Cookie Ceramic Plate :3

  I would definitely recommend their shopping service and I am looking forward to working with them again :D 

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