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Theme Post: Then and now--Help me go over the AP Chronology!

Hey everyone!  I'm sure a lot of you know of and have seen the Angelic Pretty Print Chronology I put together last summer.  It's fairly comprehensivish, but seeing the new theme today I thought it would be a good idea to go through it and patch up its few remaining holes.  I was also hoping that a few more old prints might surface (hopefully with identification ;p).

Also, I have decided to go through and add all the colorways that a print came in below the picture of each print!  Again, I'm not exactly the biggest expert ever, but if you could point me out a couple I'll add them in.

Remember, for any AP print I am looking for OP Pictures, the name, the year and even the order they came out in, and now the colorways!  If you have any/some/all of this information or any leads for me to follow, just put down a post.  If you don't know something, chances are someone does.

Come give me a hand! 


((On that note, does anyone want to do an AatP or Baby chronology?  I've got the beginnings of both but dont' really have the knowledge to do either of them justice.  If you are interested send me a note and I'll get you the beginnings of my post :D  I just want to see the end product!))
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