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History of Brand Designs?

What I'm looking for, and I'm not sure whether it even exists, is someplace where there are names and pictures of every OP/JSK/skirt created by a brand, in chronological order. A sort of history, or archive, of brand designs. I'm not talking about prints as such (I'm aware of the AP prints history video that was put together recently)

What brings this up is, I seem to like what's known as 'old school sweet', and classic items, but finding examples is dificult, as it's hard to find old stock pictures without knowing exactly what you're looking for, and also, I see a lot of questions from people asking what a certain design is called, asking for stock pictures of a design, etc. The best we can do is look through GLB scans, which isn't very direct.

If there isn't a database like this, there should be :D I'm too new to lolita to know much about anything older than this seasons styles though.

I digress

Is there a way of seeing the older designs of a brand such as, say, Mary Magdeline or Juliette et Justine, or even 'old school' Angelic Pretty or BTSSB, without just randomly searching for images on a google search?
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