zombieplaything (zombieplaything) wrote in egl,

Art Post: Figurine repaint

For fun, I like to sometimes repaint old dolls and figurines and whatnot. A while back I found this lovely little Easter bunny statuette, and I decided to give her a gothic lolita/aristo-inspired makeover! Before I painted her, her dress was all lavender/pink/light yellow/blue, plus her face was quite different, as well. I actually did over half a year ago, but I just finally got some decent pictures of her the other day, plus its Easter, so I figure now is a good time to post her!

I tried to take a closeup of her face, but it turned out kinda blurry :/

Her dress is actually detailed with very delicate little carved flowers, but it didn't come out so well in the photographs and it just makes it look sort of like sloppy painting. Oh, well :(.

My deviantart: http://chocolatehomicide.deviantart.com/
Tags: crafts: photos
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