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Japonica Market Review

I found one of my sought after dream skirts on mbok, thanks to a link from the wonderful karin_ringo! I had read others’ reviews of Japonica Market and decided to use them.


They responded quickly. I found that they answered best after 9pm EST, because of the difference I time zones. I just used the order form that is available and easy to locate on their website. I paid the deposit on my maximum bid and waited for them to ask the seller a question for me (about sizing). After receiving the answer, I had them bid on the item. I won and it was shipped to them. They then charged me for the rest of the EMS shipping and sent the package to me.

Everything: 5/5

I would recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase something from a Japanese auction site. They are a great service with a reasonable 10% commission.


I don’t remember how to code for images in LJ…it’s been a long time… Here are links to the pictures of what I bought.



The bubble warp and pink BTSSB bag were from the seller. Japonica Market put the white bag around it.








This BTSSB Sweet Cookie Alice skirt is the reason I bid on this auction. I really love it. It’s amazing in person! The seller enclosed a note with it (in Japanese) that said that this skirt was the first thing that she’d ever bought from Baby and that it was very special. (Sorry, I didn’t know that the pictures were blurry, until I looked at them today…) I am so glad that I bought it. I own the matching purse and can’t wait to wear them together!





This was the second most exciting thing for me, since I didn’t have any boleros or cardigans before this.  It has a little bit of wear, but that was in the description. It’s from BTSSB.





Just a pair of Meta’s knee high socks with lace. I’ve never owned any brand socks before ( I usually buy mine from Bodyline.).


Alice Bow:



I’m not sure how well this blue Alice bow from Meta will suit me, but it looks good with the skirt, so I’ll give it a shot.







This is such a cute halter cutsew with detached puff sleeves. I really like it, but it’s too big for me. You’ll probably see it up o the sales comm in a few weeks…


I hope this helped. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them below!    

Edit: Sorry, I didn't know the text was so mega huge...I made it smaller...



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