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Wig Review from Ebay

On march19th, I was bored in the evening. I went on ebay and checked for cute bento thingies... and for my first wig. I browsed about half an hour and I chose this one, from Swjtu2000 without any high hopes. I was happily surprised when I received it ! Here's my first wig review, hope it is not too bad !

Shipping : No shipping fees ! The wig even arrived quickly than expected ! It was shipped the same day I ordered this item. I took ten days by airmail.

Communication : I did not have to contact the seller by myself on this order so I can't tell. I know someone has an hard time because he don't answer to her question and she asked me by private message about quality. I contacted the seller on my next order and I got an answer few minutes after. However, I wrote to him in mandarin. I am not at all fluent in mandarin but maybe I got a quick answer because I spoke with him in this language ? I don't know...
For me, it was perfect but since I know he doesn't answer to the other girl, I will give out

Quality :
The wig cost me about 14$ USD. Yes. With no shipping fees.
The wig is made with kanekalon fibers. I can't use heat on it. It came styled as you can see in the pictures.

Well, it's my first wig but people think that is my real hair and my friends tought it was hair extensions when they saw me. So, I think the quality is great. At first, I bought it for cosplay dancing but I wear it daily now, even to my job places. I cut my hair last december and I had regrets... Now, I feel fine~ !
One of my two jobs is really strict about our clothes, our make-up and our hairs ! However, since it look likes real hair, I didn't have any problems to do so. My boss liked it so much that she was playing with streak and saying how cute it was. I am very pleased.

My real hair are brown, almost the color of my wig, shoulder length. I curl them and mix them with the kanekalon fibers. You can barely see any difference.

On to the pictures !

Image and video hosting <br />by TinyPicImage and video <br />hosting by TinyPic

Will I order again from swjtu2000 ?
Yes ! As a matter of fact, I am actually waiting for my second one from him which looks a lot of my real hair... but I will not have to cut them every week. ;)

Feel free to ask questions if you have some !
Sorry about my bad english. I am not a native speaker.
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