Victoria Martina (victoriamartina) wrote in egl,
Victoria Martina

help with milk and bodyline heart shaped bags

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone can help me with the dimensions of MILK and/or Bodyline's Heart shaped handbag. I just adore Milk's heart shaped bags~ it's my current dream bag! Both Milk and BL's bags look fairly large but I just cant be sure of the actual size.. does anyone here own one? I'm also curious about it's material, what exactly is it made of; is it durable?? Milk's bag looks like its made of pleather and BL's looks like a shiny I right?

anyways I'd really like some help with:

overall bag height:
overall bag width:
heart-shape height:
heart-shape width:
strap length:
strap width:

oh and if possible, does anyone have pictures of the little details of the bags (I just loveeeee the little details jeje) pics like bag interior, zippers, pockets, and side and bottom shots if possible<3


thanks in advance!
Tags: *bodyline, *milk, request: information
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