Christina Lissette B. (christinablue) wrote in egl,
Christina Lissette B.

Calling all Dallas Lolitas

I posted this in metroplexlolita , but figured I'd give some people here a heads up as well since that community is still rather new. :)

Is anyone going to the Easter In The Park celebration tomorrow? It sounds like a LOT of fun!

There is actually a BONNET competition, and supposedly its really big with the gay community so lots of people dress up all awesome. Plus, a parade for dogs in costumes and The Dallas Symphony will be playing at 3pm. DID I MENTION IT'S FREE? This event has Lolita written all over it! Who wants to go?

It "starts" at 11pm, but it sounds like the party doesn't really get started til 12:45pm-1pm.
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