Shin (shincaru) wrote in egl,

Where to find high-quality millinery roses?

I did a mass thumping of EGL search, but the results were not very helpful (and rather old). So, does anyone know of an online seller that retails high-quality realistic millinery roses in vivid colours? I need one that ships to Canada, and hopefully a seller that's reputable and not some obscure shop in New York that has a dubiously updated HTML website that seems to date back from Yahoo frontpage days. Colours in particular I want are vivid red and royal blue (a la Moitie).

Example of the quality I'm looking for:

Velvet or regular fabric, I'm looking for good flowers that have finished edges - I've trawled through Etsy as well and they're mostly either half-shredded at the petal edges or are lumpy barely-roses made from rolled satin (meant for appliques). I want to DIY either a fascinator or a huge stonking goff hat like this, rather than paying $200 to ship one from Japan. *desk*

Thanks ahead of time!
Tags: request: site recs/reviews
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