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REMINDER! SakuraCon 21+ dance party meet up is tonight=)

Most of us will be arriving at the Eagle around 11pm since things don't get crackin' until then. If anyone needs help or directions please PM me and we can exchange numbers :) Take a power nap after the con and get ready to dance all night=)

For those girls that like to strut their finest frills on the dancefloor....Friday night of Sakura Con is going to be a good one.... Many of you girls already come to Fringe, which is Seattle's best glitter fueled costume dance party madness, but this Friday rockin_rollita arranged for it to be harajuku fashion themed for all the lolitas in town and those who are coming to town for the con. Come join us and get to know each other over a few drinks, jello shots, and dancing at the Eagle on Pike street. Sweet lolitas, we want you over the top in sweetness! Goth Lolitas, make sure your lace and lipstick are black as night.

The facebook invite can be found here if you are on facebook!

Last week's fringe pictures can be found here, so you can see how amazingly fun it is.

Fringe, -noun; 1. an outer edge; margin; periphery: on the fringe of the art world.
2. the edge of something, often used to indicate the borderlines of a certain concept: in politics, the fringe is usually the rare bunch of extremists, or in general the outcast members of a group that are considered less than peccable members.
3. A big gay ole time

Fringe Presents: Harajuku Night!

Seattle's newest glitter gangbang, costumed dance party sweat-fest at The Eagle has been running weekly since the beginning of December, calling in all queer and queer-loving personalities, creators and party people and featuring Seattle's hottest go-go boys and girls. Now coming at you the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month, Fringe hits you cute in the face this Friday with a sparkly, rhinestoned, cell phone charmed, Angelic Pretty, heart filled, chain laden, bow busting Japanese street fueled-fest!

Resident Dj's
Skiddle (C89.5 Drive@5, Hard Times, Sunday Skool)
NARK (C.U.N.T, Snackhole)

Special Guest, DJ Gameboy!

Miss Wiggy Stardust!

Featuring Go-Go's
Keenan and Stella Rose (aka rockin_rollita)

Prize for the best costume!

$2 Jello shots delivered right into your mouth
Drink specials TBA

Glamour shots by Nark Magazine

Don't miss out!

Check out past Fringe events at


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