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Ponytail Tutorial


Several months ago, I promised a girl on daily_lolita and my friend bloodrosebed that I would make a ponytail tutorial for everyone. It's a long time overdue, but here it is!

Fluffy Fun Casual Ponytails - using no falls, extensions or hair additives, just your own hair.

Before we start, there's something you should know: My hair is medium length, thick, and slightly wavy, and this tutorial works for me. I'm not exactly sure how well it'll work on other types of hair. In any case, please try it out! And, if you could tell me how it worked and describe your hair type to me, I'd be much obliged. ♥

Also, this tutorial was done quickly, so it's pretty sloppy. Sorry!

...Alright, here we go!

To make this hairstyle, you will need:
  • Your normal hairbrush. (I use one for brushing and one for styling, but anything works.)
  • Two hairbands, of a similar color to your hair.
  • Hair, of course.

Step 1:

Comb out your bed-head, and de-tangle any knots in your hair.

Step 2:

Make a straight parting along the centre of your scalp. (I use a pencil for this, because I can never get it right using my fingers. You probably won't need one, though.)

It should look like this

Step 3:

Take the half of your hair on one side of the parting.

Brush it into a ponytail. (the higher the better!)

Secure it with one of the hairbands.

(Mine didn't end up so high, but whatever.)

Step 4:

Repeat the process on the other side. Make sure your ponytails are as equal as possible.

So, now you have two equal, ordinary ponytails.

Step 5:

Now comes the weird part. You probably won't get this right on your first try, but keep practicing!

Pull the hairband a few inches outwards from your head. Don't let your hair fall out from it! Look at the picture, and try to copy what you see...

Next, pinch your fingers together, and push them through the middle of this. Look at the pictures!

Grab the rest of your ponytail with those two fingers and pull them back through the hole they made. You will feel your hair pulling and twisting a bit.

Tighten this twisted ponytail, and fluff it out.

And you're half-way there!

Step 6:

Repeat the twisting process on the other side.


You're done!!!

Now, you can accessorize however you want. (I put on a BABY sidebow...)

Examples of two coordinates using this hair style:

(The first coord isn't lolita, it's just me in my everyday clothes. Oh, and I love how these ponytails look with head-eating bows!)
Tags: tutorial: beauty

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