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u_loli Meet and Greet Reminder, fee deadline extended, MAJOR cool change!

Hello, all!

Just a quickie, nothing fancy.

This is to remind y'all that our Meet and Greet is next Saturday (April 10th)! Boy, that time went fast, didn't it?

I plan on us meeting at the Gateway Mall in SLC, by the fountain, at noon. (There is only one big fountain, right? :-S)

Is that all right with everyone coming? Also, if anyone has ideas about things to do (I don't mind just walking and talking, but I don't want people to be bored) that would be great. I'll be bringing along a sort of lolified mall scavenger hunt, so hopefully that'll be fun. ^_^

Also: IMPORTANT reminder that the reservation fee for the big meet on the 24th was due today! Because I got busy and didn't have time to remind you, I feel I should extend it by a couple of days. New deadline is the 5th of April. So get those RSVPs and reservations in!

ALSO: It has been brought to my attention that Nihon Matsuri (Japan Festival) is the 24th as well! It's only about 1 street down from the Gateway, and I think it would be AWESOME if we went! What do you think of walking around the festival instead of walking around the Gateway? We could meet at the Gateway after parking and walk down together. What do you think? Yeah or Nah?

Original meet reminder and updated list post is here.

Thank you, and I can't wait to see you all! ^_^
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