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New Community - Kawaii Casual Fashion (Done right this time!)

Forgive my original post. >< I hadn't gotten approval yet! I really apologize for the inconvenience.
Now, with approval: 
Hey guys! I just made a new community for those who are interested. ^^ It's called Kawaii Casual, and it can be found here. Sorry if this is OT, I just wanted to let you know since you're into sweet-looking fashions. :3 

Here's an excerpt from the FAQ for those interested: 

So then... what is Pop Cute?

Kawaii Casual is a community for the style of casual/kid-like/date-themed clothing that generally follows a 'kawaii' aesthetic (aka pop cute). It usually involves music or animal themes, and a majority of the clothes feature an oversized cut and clever layers. Models of these typically feature the lolita-like fringe bangs or pigtails and cute, permed hair. Generally, modesty is emphasized with covered-up chests, but shorter skirts seem to be a theme. XD But the look is more childlike than sexy. ^^

See the FAQ for more details on the look.

 Edit: Thank you guys for pointing out that there might already be a name for it! I'll change some of the info in my post and un-name everything but the comm. Sorry, I honestly couldn't search for what I didn't have a name for. XD Anyway, I'll be using the proper name -- 'pop cute' from now on since that appears to be what most people go by. I probably subliminally recalled 'casual kawaii' from Marui. X3 
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