Christina Lissette B. (christinablue) wrote in egl,
Christina Lissette B.

Socks <3

So, I'm a total knee-high sock junkie, and while killing time at my local mall I walked into Hot Topic and they had a very cute selection of knee-high socks that would totally work with some Lolita coordinations. They had some black ones with a white and black poker suite down the side, some black and gray with red heart argyle ones, some black with white "lace-up" pattern, and some various heart patterns. They also had some with musical notes!

You can see some of them here. Though, I'm not sure why they're showing some of the knee-highs as thigh highs on the models. It makes them look dumb and stretched out, and bad quality but from what I could tell at the store, the ones I mentioned were all knee high length and should fit fine - I bought the poker suite ones and they looked fine since I kept them at the knee, and they're pretty soft. Worth the price IMO.

Yeah, I know. Omigodhottopicisevilandshit - but, hey, for those of you who don't care who it comes from, only that you like it, then you should check it out. They were 6.99 each, I believe.

Ta-ta. :)

PS: I haven't seen these posted, but if they bad, yo.
Tags: finds: real life

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