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H&M Bow fun (:

I saw a post a while ago about someone buying a bow from H&M with their boyfriend and finding it lolita-able. Well I saw it today in H&M Westfields; and thought.. Hmmm.. it needs some work.
So I got out my sewing kit and I revamped it :3
Pictures aren't too amazing; but I'm pleased with the result ^^
Also there is a black version; I think I might buy it to make a gothic version as I kind of need a gothic head bow.

It was very simple to be honest.
I simply got some very thick pink lace I had left over; I sewed it under so it plumped the bow making it more full.
I added a selection of beads - pearl like beads from neclaces and braclets I don't like. I make small satin bows out of yellow and pink satin ribbon. I sewed everything on - no glue XD. I was going to attack small beads with fruit and strawberries; but I left it as it is to not go too OTT C:
It was simple really.

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