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Fashion Sketches: Antebellum Inspired

Some of you may remember the post I made a little while back that had a slew of research images for Antebellum fashion - a subset of fashion in the Victorian era that is associated with the American South.

I mentioned that I would be designing some lolita clothing inspired by some of the trends specific to Antebellum - pagoda sleeves, shawls, triangular bodice fronts. Y'all said y'all were interested, so here they are!

The first piece, "Caroling, Caroling," is meant to be a winter piece. I'm currently in the process of making it (and have been since January, I'm so slow orz). The bodice and sleeves are out of black velvet - the velvet I'm using happens to be antique. The skirt is a plaid-patterned taffeta, dark red with a lighter red shift. There will be a white underskirt, white collar, and white bottoms of the sleeves.

The second piece is a military-inspired dress called "Rebel Union," as a kind of tongue-in-cheek joke. The center of the bodice and the front panel of the skirt will be grey, and the rest of the skirt as well as the outer part of the bodice and the rest of the skirt will be navy. You may not be able to see the little confederate hat so well.

This dress was inspired by one of the dresses Scarlet O'Hara wears in Gone With the Wind. While the movie took place during the Civil War so it can't precisely be described as antebellum, fashion tends to freeze during wartime so the aesthetic is fairly similar. I chose to make this one tea-length instead of knee-length. I'm looking for a spring green for the underskirt, and for the overskirt I have a sheer fabric with embroidered daisies, which will be edged with eyelet lace. The topmost ruffle and the sleeves of the dress will also be out of the sheer.

The research image I used for this dress was originally a full-length gown, so I was concerned about what would happen to the proportion when I shortened it. After a little bit of tinkering, I found that a tiered skirt corrected some of the proportion issues I was having and looks cute besides. Please ignore the shoes, they are an afterthought since I'm not sure what to put on her feet.

This final dress is one that I'm still unsure about, as you can see by the notes on the sketch. Does the shawl throw off the proportion? What do you feel the dress underneath should look like? I have a very simple dress drawn in at the moment, in a striped fabric. Help is most needed on the concept for this dress.

What do you think? Things you loved? Things you didn't love? What works, what doesn't? Fire away!
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