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Tokyo meet-up, again!!

Hey lovelies in Tokyo!

I missed the meet-up in march so as I stated, I want to make another one here in April! I'm just here visiting, first time in Japan so I'm all free and excited about meeting other lolitas in loli heaven. I'm thinking of doing the meet around the 11th of April, we'll see what day will suit you best though.

I have never organized a meet-up before so, please help me out with the itinerary, and if you have any suggestions as of what we can do, please do tell!

Itinerary of the Tokyo Spring Meet-up


Meet at Harajuku Station

Shopping in Takeshita Dori


Lunch at
Sweets Paradise


Shopping in Laforet


Yoyogi rest


Shinjuku Marui!

18:30 ~19:30

End for those who want.
Christon Cafe, Vampire Cafe or Alice in Wonderland restaurant for the others!


Yeah I know we'll be quite full after the pastry buffet, but shopping is exhausting and serious work-out!

And if anyone wanna go to an Alamode night please let me know. I would have liked to go to an Alamode Market but it's the 3rd so it's too short of a notice.

I hope there'll be a nice number of ladies and gentlemen available!



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