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Bodyline Picture Request (for prom?)

So prom is in 2 weeks, April 17th, and I can't find a dress in stores that I actually like (that no one will have) so I decided I want to be loli for prom. Haha. Well anyway, I decided since I was going out to eat and stuff after prom I didn't want to go with brand, because....I am me, and I spill EVERYTHING on myself when Im trying to be careful. *sigh* Bodyline has been good to me in the past, and the clothes is durable and I can treat it every which way I want. (I dont) It may sound like I have procrastinated in buying my prom dress, but they haven't even told us the theme yet. I had to ask my class president. -_-

I was wondering if anyone has a picture of this dress worn in black or red:

I saw a review of the dress but it was pink and was not

Or this dress in black? It looks like it could be either a hit or a miss though....but I wanted to see how it looked worn. :o

Thank you in advance! Also does anyone know of place other than bodyline that will get to me before April 17th? I wanted to try qutieland, but I dont think it will get to me in time.
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