icymotha (icymotha) wrote in egl,

Lolita bedroom magazine scans? SOLVED

Hey all!
I'm pretty sure it was on this comm, but a while back someone posted a file of scans that were all differently decorated bedrooms from a magazine. I'm pretty sure there was one from Maki in there too...

Anywho, I'm looking to redecorate soon and I went to go look for the folder on my computer...but I didn't save it when I reformatted, and now I don't have it anymore. :/

I searched the memories, and I used the search function, and I couldn't seem to locate the post with the link. I don't even remember what the magazine was called. >__>;
Does anyone have the link, or remember what the magazine was called? I just want to look through it for some inspiration.

EDIT: Thanks for the help guys, I found what I was looking for!
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