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Radio Loli - The Podcast

For those who've heard a while back, peaked in my journal, or just wondered if such a thing were possible. I give you more detail as to what I've been up to for the past few months since posting this . I do realize the launch date is far past...And its far past the re-re launch date. College can be cruel, I tell ya. The following information has been copied and pasted from my journal.

What's the big idea?

Well, it all started with a couple of test recordings for audio log. That later turned into a talk show - ish conversation with myself. Which later turned into actual recordings of frilly whimsies.

Basicly, Radio Loli is the Brain Child of mine of which to begin flexing my communications skills on. For a general idea, its your basic talk radio spewing mini news clips, meet up information, quizzes, important events of interests, and other organized prattle of the world. This is  not by any means, THE end all of things Lolita Fashion related. This is not the voice of THIS J Fashion sub-culture; IT IS simply a hobbyist, and life stylist  way of showing  praise through the medium that is iTunes. Now, I do acknowledge Uttate's internet radio show, but this is strictly iTunes based.

Can anyone contribute/ make requests to this ?

For the moment, I'm working with all my current recordings. But, for future shows I will make an e-mail available for requests in my journal updates for the show.

So, when is the actual re - re - re - launch date?

To that, I saw mid June at the latest. I'm still working out bugs and sequencing for the first few uploads.
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