carlito8846 (carlito8846) wrote in egl,

Help a fellow Loli out

Hey all my fabulously dressed Loli ladies! Interested in helping a fellow Loli out?
While being a Loli, I also happen to be a university student as well. So when the time came to pick a research topic for my class, I naturally picked something I was interested in: the Lolita Fashion. SO. If any of you would be willing and able to lend me some of your opinions and expertise, I would be much obliged. All it basically involves is you answering a few questions, nothing terribly excruciating or time consuming (unless you want to get uber in-depth with your answers, which, of course, would be lovely). And that’s it : )
Not only will you be helping a girl out, but also letting your voice be heard and letting this commonly misunderstood culture have a voice as well.
Interested? Please? 18 or over? (this is a university rule) Then just message me. Thanks a bunch! ^_^

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