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Xen B

U_loli Spring Meet RSVP Reminder!

Just a reminder to RSVP for our meetups!

Please remember to RSVP for the meets via email!

RSVP is not required, but if you do not RSVP and pay the tea reservation fee by April 2 I can't guarantee that you'll have a place with us at the Afternoon Tea.

FYI, I am having a little trouble getting the RSVP packets posted, but they will be out by April 3rd. *determined face*

Also, don't forget to be looking for gift exchange ideas! ^_^

Meetup info here.

RSVPed list--April 10:

RSVPed list--April 24:
*yan_yu --PAID!
*April (+1)--PAID!

A couple of people have said to "count them in" via LJ but have not sent me an RSVP via email or any fees:

If you still wish to RSVP, there's still time! Simply fill out this form and email it to whispered.aria@gmail.com:

LJ Username (if applicable):
RSVP for April 10? Y/N/Maybe:
RSVP for Formal Meet (April 24)? Y/N/Maybe:
Address (for RSVP packet):
Phone # (so I can get a hold of you if you get lost):
Would you need a ride?:
Would you be able to drive someone else?:
Would you bring a camera/Be able to take pictures?:
Paypal address (if you have one):

(also posted to egl)
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