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Body Line Review

 Body Line Review

 I was excited because this was my first time ordering something from Japan. I have to say, with it being two days late, I was not impressed. 

no box....

 cheery yellow bag..

dress in package

Misleading packaged petticoat


Shoes are wrapped



No Petticoat

Little cousin in the mirror singing wow wow wubzy!

Body Line petticoat...a little bit of poof

Different more expensive petticoat and Body Line petticoat


Front...the bow is detachable


Shipping 4.5 / 5
Took away a half point b/c it was late.  I liked that I was able to track from there to here.

Packaging 5 / 5
It was good that they sandwiched my shoes between the dress and the petticoat. Nothing was ripped or distorted. Dress needs to be steamed free of wrinkles, but thats how it is...

Ordering 5 / 5
Fast and easy. 

Construction 4.8 /5
Petticoat is a little scratchy. Dress is soft and just my size. a string here or there, but its on the inside where you really can't see.  My shoes are the right size and very light. You would think they would be heavier like my other platforms, but no.

Comfort 5 / 5
I could conceivably wear it all day and well into the night.

Quality 4.54 / 5
Not lined, but really nice anyway. Almost better than some of the things I buy here!


I actually was glad that I ordered what I did. It was quick service (DHL made it late) and good quality clothing. 
I give them a  4.8 / 5
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