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San Francisco Meetup Pictures 2/20/10

We recently had a meetup where we went to tea at The Palace Hotel, then explored SF on foot a bit, and finished up with some Karaoke in Japantown.


We were super excited to see a group of teenagers come in dressed up as Disney princesses and princes. So, of course we asked for a picture with them.

This place was gorgeous!

lovelyona always has the best wigs.

Me :)

emilie_rainbow cute in pink as usual.

fire has an adorable smile :)

merli rockin the Bodyline.

turbo_san had the cutest partial updo.

lavenderlillies looks so good in her altered vintage dress.

Our visitor from SoCal.

Our lovely hostess karishay

karishay's sweet friend Ilene? Am I remember her name right?

getdolledup & her husband.

Group shot!

Ok, enough being sweet and proper, time to go wander around San Francisco.

We were watching a dance off.

merli got sucked into it. :)

Oh man, we sure do get all types of "interesting" people in the touristy areas.

We were actually hanging out where the trolly lines begin and end.

We headed to the mall to grab some dinner and check out the Sanrio store.

A few of us finished up the night with a walk through Japantown to get our karaoke on.

Air guitar.

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